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SVN and web access

So we need an access to svn throw apache, here is how to do it.
I will assume that a svn repository already made, if not, consult please

1. Install apache2, and libapache2-svn
2. Create “svn” directory in /etc and enter in it.

mkdir /etc/svn
cd /etc/svn

3. Create access file for two users:

htpasswd -cm users root
htpasswd -m users user

You will be prompted to enter password twice for each user, do it.
4. Create roles file

nano control

And add following:


If you want to add role for specific folder in project than add also


5. Configure Apache2.
Find configuration file for apache2, it’s depend of Linux distribution. Add/Edit the file so that in result you will have:

DAV svn
SVNPath /lib/svn # path to svn repository
AuthzSVNAccessFile /etc/svn/control
Require valid-user
AuthType Basic
AuthName "Subversion Repositories at"
AuthUserFile /etc/svn/users

6. Restart apache

I hope it will be helpful.

Also you can look at:


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