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Fu**ing with java PL localization :(

That was the post on twitter 16 min. ago, without stars :). What happen?

I’m working on a Java web application which must have PL localization. The current task was to add the PL localization to application, so with fmt tag lib from jstl I start to implement it. When all static text was replaced with fmt tags I found that some chars are not rendered correctly. Today all morning I was searching why it happening, I was thinking that problem was JSTL, but not at finally I found that the problem is JVM it trying to convert sources and resource files from any encoding to unicode and somewhere something is not working as I expected :(. Ok here is the solution if you have resource files in ru, pl, etc.

In java exist utility native2ascii translate your files with that utility like:

# native2ascii

and all will be ok.

Ok, I leave to take a launch, now I can do it quite 🙂


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April 20, 2010 at 13:40

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